About Ravivé:

Ravivé restores pieces of timeworn furniture, giving them new life, while celebrating the historic design and integrity of each piece and contributing to the environmental movement of re-use. “Ravivé” is the French word for “revived.” I chose this name with my French heritage in mind, tying it back to my mission of celebrating stories and history by revitalizing furniture.

I founded Ravivé in 2018 with the mission of fostering a spirit among people that encourages them to take joy in beautiful generationally-owned furniture and to participate in the historic revival and sustainability movements. I believe in the importance of passing down history and that buying used is buying well. 

Find the stories and journeys of each piece I restore on the blog! (Furniture listings to come in the near future!)

bridget erickson - ravivé restoration
bridget erickson - ravivé restoration - saint paul minnesota

About Bridget:

I grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota, and began fixing up furniture with my mom and sister around the ripe old age of five. My love for design and all things old and beautiful has blossomed ever since. I love my French and Scandinavian heritage and credit my grandpa Glen for passing his knack and passion for woodworking down to me.

Both photos left to right: me, age 5; my sister Abby, age 8

Both photos left to right: me, age 5; my sister Abby, age 8

about ravivé bridget age 5-2

I'm currently a senior studying business and entrepreneurship at the College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University, a small Catholic-Benedictine liberal arts college tucked away in the woods of rural Minnesota. My passion for furniture was recently revived in a new way when I began working with the Saint John's monks building furniture for the university (a real treat!). I decided to turn this passion into a business and document my process through blogging to further pursue my personal and academic interests.

The Benedictines are grounded by a number of values - including stewardship. They see themselves as the preservers of culture; they treasure the responsible use of material items for the good of all. This is a value that I'm taking to heart and attempting to live out through my work with Ravivé.

Besides furniture, I help build Saint John's crosses with  Saint John's Abbey Woodworking . Find them for sale  here !

Besides furniture, I help build Saint John's crosses with Saint John's Abbey Woodworking. Find them for sale here!

When I'm not fixing up furniture you can find me exploring the Canadian wilderness while paddling or portaging a canoe, cooking with rosemary, playing the kazoo or playing pranks, scavenging for treasures at thrift stores, photographing the beauty of life, hiking the Superior Hiking Trail, running, dancing, or fishing on Lake of the Woods with my family. I love boats, old houses, coffee, beer, farmer's markets, groovy music, wearing neck scarves and denim, grilling, and the Minnesota life! It's a good one. 

about ravivé - canoeing bridget
about ravivé - denim bridget