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Welcome to Ravivé! I'm Bridget, creator of this business and blog. I love interior design, history, and old furniture - and I love finding old furniture to fix up. Seeking out potential excites me. I believe in the beauty and importance of the stories and memories that live through timeworn furniture, and hope to share this passion with all of you. You can find the stories and restoration journeys of the pieces I restore here on the blog. I'm excited for the future of this blog and can't wait for you all to see what I'm up to! You can read more about Ravivé and myself here.

meet bridget

My first restoration project was somewhat of an accident, and it ended up being the inspiration for this business. It ended up being a pretty beautiful accident. Here's the lowdown.

I was visiting my parents' house in northern Minnesota one summer and was eating lunch in the kitchen with my mom, Lynn. She had just grabbed the mail from outside and I was flipping through the West Elm (one of my favorite home furnishing stores!) catalog that came. At one point I offhandedly mentioned to her that I liked a mid-century-esque / Scandinavian-design-inspired chair they had for sale. 

Photo by West Elm

Photo by West Elm

My mom took a look at it, made a remark about how expensive it was, and told me they had one just like it at the thrift store downtown. 

I was up, out of my chair, and inside that thrift store within ten minutes, because there was no way I was letting something like that slip away from me! Of course, when I found the chair it looked pretty sad and disheveled, and nothing like the pictures in the catalog. It smelled decades old and the interior foam of the cushions disintegrated at my touch. Straight out of the 70s. So they needed some work (okay, I completely trashed and replaced them), but the wooden frame was nearly flawless. And hey, it ended up being a $20 steal. Thanks, mom!

thrift store gold

I paid in cash and walked out proudly as the new owner of this beauty. An easy $20 investment. 

Like I alluded to, I ditched those stench-filled cushions as fast as I could (but not before snagging some dimensions and measurements). From then on I was on the hunt for a textile that would be suitable for chair cushions in my northwoods-styled bedroom. 

My sister Abby, my mom, and I scavenged every square foot of the Brooklyn Park SR Harris before I finally settled for red and navy buffalo check material. I also snagged some new foam to create cushion inserts (shown below).

foam inserts

A few hours worth of upholstery work was all that was needed to truly revive this piece. Worth it! When i was fixing it up I found a stamp on the bottom-side of the chair indicating that it was an authentic Danish piece. Are you kidding me?! I'm not quite sure how much this one is actually worth, but i think I can confidently say it's more than $20. A little research on Etsy tells me that these are selling between $500 and $3000 dollars.


And now I've got a beautiful chair I get to admire and drink my coffee in daily. It's completely unique to me and that's the way I like it! And more than that, I have a piece with kind of a funny story that I'll keep for the rest of my life. I'm already thinking of creating additional cushion covers so that I can switch them out from time to time... yellow velvet perhaps? Navy twill? Leather? I'll keep you updated. 

mid-century chair and finds

That's all I’ve got to say about this one, but keep an eye out for more posts about (and Craigslist listings to purchase!!!!) my restoration projects in the upcoming weeks and months!