That tiny table is done!

Recently I was able to put the finishing touches on my tiny side table project. I love finishing up these projects - there’s a lovely element of satisfaction that arises when everything comes together. Here’s a quick look!

Styled table - Ravivé Restoration

(If you want to catch up on how I came to find this piece read my previous post here. You can also read about my previous progress on the project here!)

In my last post I detailed the process that I went through to strip the table to its bare bones. Here’s what she looked like at the end of all that sanding!

Sanded table - Ravivé Restoration

Once I got the table all smooth and finish-sanded, it was time to move on to staining!

I initially chose a dark, red-hued mahogany colored stain for this piece - I decided to go dark. So I grabbed one of my old, white t-shirts and took to staining.

But… I ended up hating the color.

Stain fail - Ravivé Restoration

It was too dark and too red for my tastes - a bit more extreme than I was hoping for.

So I quickly sanded the tiny section of stain off that I disliked. I did this as soon as possible to prevent it from soaking into the wood too much! That brought me back to the drawing board - natural wood.

Raw wood, staining the table- Ravivé Restoration

I actually had plenty of leftover stain from my previous dresser project, so I ended up using that color to stain the piece. I ended up liking it much better.

Stained tiny table - Ravivé Restoration

Still dark and rich, but not as dramatic as the mahogany color. I applied one full coat, let it dry, and then went back a second time for some touch ups. I let that dry overnight again.

All stained up - tiny table - Ravivé Restoration

Then it was ready to apply some protective polyurethane!! This additional clear coat prevents the the wood from getting scratched and gives it a sleek and polished look. Here’s a look at the table with poly before it dried.

Table with Poly - Ravivé Restoration

I chose to use a satin finish, which will dry with more of a matte finish than a semi-gloss or a gloss finish would have. It gives the piece a subtle shine that’s not too obnoxious! It looks pretty glossy here, but the shine fades as it dries.

And finally, here’s the finished product! I got to style it in my parents’ beautiful home at Christmastime, so it was feeling extra magical in the living room.

Staged table - Ravivé Restoration

My mom’s got an eye for design herself, so it wasn’t hard to make this piece feel right at home in our own living room. The rich tones of the stained wood complement a lot of the other design features she’s incorporated. I hope that it can someday soon look as beautiful in someone else’s home!

I really do love how the piece turned out! The details are what make this table beautiful. The subtle satin finish of the polyurethane also helps it look polished in a subtle way.

Featuring my mom’s guide to gardening in NW Minnesota!

Featuring my mom’s guide to gardening in NW Minnesota!

At the end of each project, it’s fun to remember where my pieces start off from! Here’s a little photo recap of the process - before, during, and after!

Before - tiny table - Ravivé Restoration
staged tiny table - Ravivé Restoration

Like I mentioned, this table is up for sale! If you’re interested in purchasing it, send me an e-mail at: We can discuss all the details from there. I’ll be on vacation until January 12th, but will be able to respond to emails during that time.

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